Heading To Napa!

Actually, I'm already here :->

Rob had work in San Ramon so I flew down yesterday afternoon to join him in a sweet weekend in the Napa Valley.  This is where I want to be ALL.THE.TIME.

We have booked a hotel using Hotwire, which is a different experience for us, so I can't wait to see what it looks like.  We've been tricked with hotels that have used fish-eye lenses when representing their facilities so I've been very wary with every new hotel experience.

Just the experience of booking through Hotwire is nerve wracking.  They show you the price, and give you a bit of information on the room/hotel, but they don't give you the name of the hotel until you click the "confirmation" button.  (They say the deal is just so darn good that the hotel doesn't want it to get out that they offer this low price. Whatever.)  If the hotel is really what it looks like on-line this just might be an amazing experience. 

We're headed there now.  I'm excited!  (And nervous).

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