While most of us do not enjoy the process of figuring out our taxes it is just one of those things we need to do, like breathing and eating, it is a must.  For those that are looking for guidance when it comes to the area of tax preparation there are various resources available, personal services and on-line prep. I'm so lucky to have a husband that handles this task along with the help of TurboTax.
I have watched the process year after year and see that their thorough guide to taxes and access to information helps to make this task much smoother and faster.  I don't see him jump for joy saying "Oh yay!  I get to do our taxes now!"  But he does get through this job pretty quickly and off we go to enjoy the rest of our day.
Sometimes circumstances beyond your control may push you toward not getting your taxes done within the required time limits.  TurboTax has the ability to help with an IRS tax extension 2010.  It is something that has to be done and TurboTax can help.

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