My New Obsession And I Don't Like It

I need to do something to release my anxiety.

I find myself obsessing over the school year beginning and worrying how my newly minted Freshman and my ever-changing 6th grader are going to handle things. What will this school year bring?

This is an example of my worry obsession; Here I am, at the glorious Oregon Coast for one last hurrah before start date September 5th, and I'm consumed with worry that I haven't given my girls enough "transition time" to adapt to school hours. I'm trying to relax but at the same time I'm thinking 'I need to wake them up. Sleeping in days are over. We need to get back to a routine.' But we're at the beach. It's one of the things you do here. Eat (ocean air makes me so hungry! And there are no calories on vacation, right?), browse in knick-knack stores, play in the sand (which is code for looking at magazines and drinking wine) and relax/sleep.

Why am I treating my daughters like tiny children? When the morning comes we'll hit the "off" button on the alarm, gripe about it being too early, then get ready for the new day. And that should be how I deal with things, day by day.

Why am I fretting over imaginary scenarios of school drama and envisioning stress? I haven't always been like this. What's the deal?!? Any other parents out there feeling this way?

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  1. I find myself fretting about that and I still have a year before I have to face morning routines for school.

    But your right, enjoy the beach, it's the perfect time for sleep. It'll will all work out!

    1. It's just so strange for me to be this anxious when I've been at this for a few years. *deep breath*

      Thank you for the encouraging words!

  2. Breathe and relax! It will be fine! Tara has moved to the HUGE high school and after some anxiety yesterday morning before 10th grade orientation, she came home saying, I don't think it will be so bad! I let her settle into her own "bedtime" and accept the fact that morning grumbles are to be expected and to take nothing said personally!

  3. It'll lessen after school starts and they'll get into the mode! Promise!


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