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Job. Job.  I may be getting a job outside the home.

I am so stressed about this!

I have been working from home (which I relate to = earning money) for about a year.  I am so lucky to be able to create my own hours with my on-line business and also be involved at my girls school.  I'm very well known by the Principal and teachers ;-> This was very necessary this past year and I am so thankful to my husband for our situation.

Now, about this new situation.  I filled out a job application this morning and I haven't done that in, oh-my-goodness, well a very long time.  I was going through the ol' memory bank of experiences and asking myself 'What year did I work there?' , 'Is this business office even still there??' and 'Did I see my former employer in the Obit's?'  It's sad to think that your work reference could have passed on due to old age.   Just how far back does this Work History need to go, anyway??

This whole situation came up out of no where.  I was shopping with my family at a store that I just love, and it just so happened that the store manager was assisting me with my purchases.  I honestly don't remember how the subject came up but she said "I'm hiring for part-time.  You should come by Monday and we'll talk."  She handed me an application and that was that.

Now, if this were September my feelings would be different.  But it's summer break and I need to get my girls (14 & 11) to their day-Summer Camps and school summer session's.  We have our family vacation scheduled in August.  Why would she hire me if I need time off in a month?  And I know that working weekends is highly probable and that makes me sad.

My last job outside the home was more of an office job and this job is retail. Most of the people that work there are half my age.  Oh my stomach hurts!  A part of me wants to do this, and a part of me is very nervous.   I went to speak with the manager this morning but it didn't work out.  Tomorrow morning, 9:30am I'm scheduled.  *breathe*

Have you been through a situation like this?

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  1. Congratulations! I totally understand the anxiety about working in the summer. I guess you will find out soon enough if it is meant to be! Go with your gut. If you feel like you need out then tell them! The good thing is that you don't have to feel locked in because you already know that you can survive if you work from home! And who knows? It may just be totally awesome! Keep us posted!!

  2. What is school summer session? what happened to a well earned vacation?

  3. My husband was in this position after getting laid off last year. People can be very understanding!


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