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When it’s time to get ready for a large party I do the obvious “list” making and reorganizing of furniture to fit a big group.  I see a design plan in my mind and feel I can transform my little house into cozy spaces and lounge areas like those in a Hotel lobby.  (I have quite the fantasy world, don’t I?!) 

I like to check-out sites for Hotel Supplies and Catering Supplies because they provide classic items for large parties and it’s so convenient.  This is time management at its best.  When I visit PeachSuite Wholesale Supply & Restaurant Supplier I can find everything for a large gathering.  Not only can I choose the basics; plates, cups, silverware, they also have a selection of fun additions to your party.  Chocolate fountains are always a hit with all ages and they make a great focal point on your buffet table. 

It may seem different to visit a site for Hotel Supply to acquire things for your party but when you think about your gathering, and how it’s about hospitality then it makes sense.  Do all your shopping in one place.  Many check marks off my list!

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  1. I just started my own check list for my daughter's grad party. Since she tortured me today by making cupcakes with frosting that may as well be crack while I am on the diet from hell, I have crossed "throw grad party for Caitlin" off my list. lol


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