We Are So Close!

We are hours away from my girls graduating to the next grade.  Lily will be in Sixth grade and, after days, weeks, months of micro-managing, Katie will be graduating - with good grades - and becoming a high school Freshman.


To say that this outcome is a relief is putting it incredibly mild.  In all honesty, I won't be completely relieved until I see those final grades.  But I have a verbal agreement from her teachers what her final grades are, and they are just fine with me. 

(*this area of personal comment has been deleted after realizing Lily still has 3 years to go at this school and who knows who is reading my words/thoughts. It felt good to let it fly though!  That's for sure*)

My education of raising a daughter who has her way of learning doesn't stop at a certain age.  As I've said before, dealing with someone who is "high functioning" gives you a false impression that some things that should be basic tasks aren't so basic. But you forget, because things seem to go smoothly for so long.

Oh, enough.  Right now I'm going to plan a party, find something nice for her to wear and beam from ear to ear with pride that we did it!

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  1. Give her a humongous congratulatory hug from me...the weird crazy person she has never met!! Tell her it's okay and not to be scared!

    We are celebrating my daughter graduating from high school. How the hell am I not going to lose my mind??!!

    Enjoy your celebration to the fullest!! You both earned it!!

  2. Congratulations mama! Oh and to the girls too!:) HUG


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