Stupid Typo

Just sharing a frustration - about my own actions!

You know when you have an on-line writing opportunity, and you look at the "Describe your blog" big, blank, white box for a few minutes and think 'OK.  I've got this.  "Describe".  I want it to be different than my past words... um, I'll be right back'.  You look out the window, look over at your dog, waiting for the inspiration to hit and then it does.  You write a concise, detailed description that you're proud of and just as you hit "Send" you see a glaring typo within the first sentence.


Well, I'm sure that opportunity is shot. 

Just frustrating.

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  1. Oh no! Was it as bad as my mistake on one of my exams? I wanted to write "organism" and wrote "orgasm" by mistake. Luckily, my professor had a sense of humor. Unfortunately, he was a psych professor and he Freuded all over that shit!

  2. Oh my God Nicki! You have made me laugh heartily!!!

    (And may I use "Freuded all over that shit"? I'll give you credit ;-> )


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