A Man and His Bike

He's still here!

For years my husband and I have been watching a particular older gentleman ride his bike on the busy street in front of our house.  We see him head East.  We see him head West.  Little blue bike with a little, older gentleman wearing his little white hat.  Week after week, after month, for the past 8 years, or so.  Sometimes twice a day.  We have no idea of where he's going, but he just "goes".  

We have named him Mo.

We don't know his actual name, but he looks like a Mo to us.  "Hey!  Mo just rode by on his bike!"  I'll hear from our living room.  There's something reassuring when we see him.  As I've mentioned, he is an older gentleman and the energy he puts into his bike rides, I'm sure, keep his heart pumping like a 75 year old.  (I'm guessing his actual age is 85-90 yrs. old). 

We rely on seeing Mo, so when a span of time goes by without a sighting we get concerned.  And isn't that silly?  We don't know this man, yet we think of him and feel something's off if we don't see him.

Guess who I saw this morning?


Things should be alll-right today.

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  1. I always love seeing the 80 year old men on the 3-speed bikes with their Slacks, sports jacket and hat on, peddling in the city! I fall in love each time! And I totally get it about worrying when his routine changes. We had a member at the firehouse "JJ" and he was in his 80's. Every day, he would arrive at 4:30am, make a pot of coffee and walk laps around the building to stay "in shape." I would arrive at 5am, see JJ's truck in the parking lot and smell the coffee when I came in the door. A couple times, I arrived to find his truck not there and no coffee...and no JJ. When I caught up with him later those days, I would chew him a new ass. "JJ! You are old! You can't go changing your routine without telling me like that! I'll think you've died!" He always laughed when I told him that. I would say it in a light-hearted way but on the inside, I was serious. He has since died and I miss his presence...and his coffee.


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