Don't Get Me Started On The Lighting

I have this "thing" where, if I don't like the lighting in a store, I won't shop there.  I can't explain it.  I won't apologize for it.  It's just me and that's that.  I also hate eating ice cream with wooden spoons.  (And no, I didn't have a horrible ice cream cup / wooden spoon travesty when I was young, I just absolutely can't tolerate the texture.)  But I digress.

When I go shopping with my mom it's not unusual for her to hear me say, 'We need to get out of here.  The lighting is giving me a headache.'  I don't want to be difficult but good lighting, to me, says whether what you are selling has quality, or that it will always have that yellow-ish, brown-ish hue about it.  Fluorescent lighting isn't a winner for me, most of the time.

I will say though, that I was pleasantly surprised recently when I went into a store and enjoyed the glow only to find that they were fluorescent lights.  Gone were the yellow-ish/brown-ish hues and here we had lovely white/pink/blue-ish hues.  Now those colors I can do, and I seem to spend more around that kind of lighting.  (Cruel.  Yet effective.)

Now you know how I feel about lighting.  You don't want to get me started on smells of stores!  Oh, no you don't ;->

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  1. Lol! Can I give you a "Hell, yeah!" on that one? Seriously, lighting is HUGE. Smell is definitely second, and for me--music is third. Went into a restraunt the other night that had nothing on at all....we left without ordering. It was like pins and needles listening to people coughing and cutting their steak! Aaaak!

  2. you're right. thinking about lighting should come first. remember - it's lights, camera, action! I like to use a combination of down-lights and spotlights to mix it up.

    Chantel - lighting is important in a restaurant, but you should go to the blind restaurant in Berlin. there is no lighting and you just have to focus on the taste. its quite strange!

  3. Staging a store or restaurant is what makes or breaks that business.
    I find three things that really make a difference, the lighting, smell and the music.
    The smell and music are big things with me though, if the place is scented heavily or the music is very loud with poor acoustics I end up with a headache and leave. Businesses should have survey centers where we can tell them if their store is staged right :)

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