Alone Time

Regarding the someEcard that I recently posted - it's true.  Even though my daughters are 14 and 11, it seems that they haven't outgrown the need to use the bathroom once I've shut the bathroom door. 

It happens to my husband too.

I don't get it.  Is it the "power of suggestion"?  Like being at a restaurant and hearing what your friend is ordering and you think 'Hey. That sounds good.  I'll have that too'?  Um, wait.  Equating going into the bathroom and ordering at a restaurant isn't quite the connection I was going for, but you get what I mean.

I've even gone a step ahead and asked them, 'Anyone need the restroom?'  "Nope", they say.  Then...

knock   knock   knock


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  1. My husband HATES the computer and never wants to use it...until I sit down to use it. Then he's all, "Hey...I want to use the computer."


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