We Got Hit

When I arrived home from taking the girls to school and walking our huge Chocolate Lab Benny, the phone was ringing.  When the phone rings before 9:00 am it's either my girls asking for a forgotten paper to be delivered to school (I promised myself I wasn't doing that delivery any more!) or something bad.  This morning it was something bad.

My husband received e-mails and a phone call from our bank that our account had been "comprised" and that our debit card was suspended.  It seems someone in New Jersey was having fun with our account number and had tried to purchase a $450 AmEx Gift Card and a $4000 set of luggage. 

Our bank has been wonderful about the situation and has taken care of the charges however, we no longer has access to our funds through a debit card.  A new one should arrive in 7 - 10 days.  Ugh.

Well, it could be a hell of a lot worse.  It just pisses me off!  Have you had this happen to you?  What happened?

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  1. Yes, someone stole my debit card number and used it on the other side of the country to buy a Gucci watch at Macys. Luckily I have text alerts set up on my phone and called the bank as they were trying to call me.


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