Virtual Girls Night Out - Happy Pills

Well, we managed to get through the week with no school drama.  What a relief!  I'm not going to think about all of the things that we still need to work on, I'm going to stay in the moment and be happy that we made it to Friday.  Time for a Virtual Girls Night Out!

*The VGNO is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, and have fun!  Leave a comment, along with your blog link, to let us know you've stopped by and visit the blogs of those that have visited as well.  Happy VGNO!*

Time For Some Tunes!

Norah Jones "Happy Pills"

Time For A Cocktail!

1 part 42 Below Kiwi Vodka
5 parts mango nectar or juice
8 mint leaves
Fill a highball glass with ice.  Add the mint leaves and vodka.  Top with nectar or juice.  Stir well. 
Sounds delicious.  Cheers!!!
Time For Some Pinterest!
Thank you Nicole Etolen (nmetolen).  

All righty blog buddies, have a great time at our Virtual Girls Night Out. 

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