Sick Cat

Getting back into the swing of things after a leisurely paced Spring Break isn't easy.  If only we didn't have to be somewhere until say, 9:00 am.  That would be lovely.

But I couldn't sleep that soundly any way because one of our cats is having health issues and we're all worried.  It started Friday.  (Why do illnesses seem to start right before the weekend?!?)  In the beginning I did a Google search for advice but no suggestions have helped her get back to her old self.  We have an appointment at the vet this morning.

When one of our pets gets sick it makes me so sad.  They can't tell us where it hurts, and I'm lost. I ask myself, 'Why do we have pets?'  I can't handle this emotion!  Whose idea was it to have cats?  A huge chocolate lab?  Why do they have to be so sweet?!?  crap

Well, I better go get the pet carrier.  Wish us luck.

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