Is It Time To Switch?

Bills.  In particular, the cable bill.  I just don't get it.  WHY are these prices so high?  I'm at that point again of looking for other options.  A friend of mine says "Why not just get rid of the t.v. all together.  It's not healthy for your kids brains."  Well, I happen to enjoy t.v.  And I can't imagine getting rid of it! 

I've heard good things about Direct TV.  One of our neighbors has this service and I don't hear any complaints.  I was wondering how those dishes hold up in the weather, but we live in a fairly mild climate - not many crazy winds - so I'm sure it would be fine.

Checking them out on-line I see they have some good packages for dx3 Direct TV.  We have an HD television and dx3 says they have more HD channels then cable.  I like that.  I mean, what's the point of having an HD television if you aren't watching HD channels.  My brother-in-law is thinking of getting a 3D t.v. but those compatible channels just seem so far away to me.  (But hey, I'm not the quickest when it comes to joining the latest technology.  I just got an iPhone and it scares me! )

Time for me to do more research.

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  1. My family scaled down our cable years ago. Here's what we do- basic cable- runs around $10 and then we get Netflix through our Wii for about $8 a month. So for a total of $18- we seem to satisfy everyone's tv watching needs.

    Oh, by the way- stopping by not just to give cable advice-lol. But to party- UBP style! Nice to meet you. I'm Jen- Momma to 3 kids- ages 2,8, and 10.

    Take Care,


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