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How is it that I'm at this stage of my life (mid-40's) and my skin is acting like I'm a teenager?  A wrinkled teenager.   Doesn't that sound odd?  Is there ever a time in your life when your skin gives you a "free pass"?  Probably in your 20's, that was a good time for my skin.  After that I was on the search for lotions and potions that would stop the signs of time showing on my face. So now, here I am looking for a product that will reduce fine lines and get rid of acne.  Am I the only one looking for a product like this?

Murad has a wonderful line of lotions called Resurgence that sound intriguing.  Within a 3 step process the cleanser will infuse your skin with moisture, which is what I need at my age.  I'm drying up!  Step two claims to increase firmness and fight wrinkles.  Ooh.  So aggressive!  Step three says it maximizes hydration and increases suppleness.  Sounds good to me!

There are Murad coupon codes available, which is right up my alley, so I think I'll search around the site and see what other products sound good.  I need to get my daughters going on a skin care regime too.  Isn't my husband lucky to live in a house full of girls? :->

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