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Lily is ready to make the move from sharing a bedroom with her 14 y/o sister to having the upstairs space all to herself.  I don't blame her for wanting to have space to herself it's just our upstairs is pretty much an unfinished attic and if she wants it to be a real bedroom it's going to take a lot of work.  Am I up to this?

I wish I was a better "Do-It-Yourself"-er.  I'm more of a "Let me take what we have and re-organize to make it work better" person.  I mean, I've been planning on painting for months yet I haven't picked up colors or even a paint brush.  If you want a room, or a kitchen, reorganized?  I'm your girl.  Does this job entail a hammer and/or sheet rock.  Um... I think I need to do some laundry.

We knew this day would come however our vision was to turn the upstairs into a lovely master bedroom for the grown-up's.  (Our next door neighbors have the same style house and have created a great 2nd floor so we've seen what can be done, we just haven't.  Money being the daunting factor.)  However, that vision won't be happening any time soon so, moving an 11 y/o to the available space is much more reasonable than borrowing money we don't have to create a new room.

I need some inspiration.

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  1. oh this sounds like fun! hve you been to pinterest to get ideas? Do you have the place all mapped out on graph paper? pics?


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