She Liked It!

Well, my daughter did enjoy her time at the high school yesterday.  Shadow Day was a success!  What a relief!  (see post here)

But I have been completely naive thinking that was all there was to it. Getting her on board is just the beginning.  It's not a big school, so now begins the recommendation letters, the placement test and the dreaded financial part.  I am so anxious.  I want to scream.


If she is on board with attending this school I will do everything within my power to get her in.  Our local public high school has its, well, its challenges and I feel life is hard enough that you shouldn't have to worry about your personal safety while your trying to understand Geometry or Chemistry.  Call me a snob.  I don't care.

I have no idea of how this is going to turn out.  All I know is what I feel is best for my child and I'm going to do what I can to make that happen.

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  1. Hi, I am just blog hopping. Love site you have here. There is a Chinese old saying that once you become a mom the worrying never stops. Happy parenting and blogging to you too. Come visit my mommy blog too sometime.


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