For the first time in my children's lives, I forgot to make Valentine's.

Now, if getting "crafty" was a unique experience for me this wouldn't be such a big deal, but I make things.  I mean, I like to work with paper and glue and glitter and all that kind of stuff (I was a Stampin Up! Demonstrator for 6 years).  The fact that I looked at the calendar yesterday, noticed the date of February 13th, then realized that not one red heart had been stamped, not one letter of "Happy Valentine's Day" had been cut with my lovely Cricut, startled me. 

When I picked up my girls after school I asked them if they wanted to hand out Valentine cards/candy they said, "Of course!".  This was another example of how my actions get taken for granted.  They assumed I had already put things together and went into a little panic about what to do.  My days are busy in different ways now.  I'm doing work in other areas and their need to step it up in the responsibility area is increasing.

I guess we're all going through some growing-pains.

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  1. Half the time I can't believe I manage to leave the house with clothes on! And I just have one child! It's amazing how many things we are responsible for. Women truly are multi-taskers. So I think it's okay that you forgot this...just think of the thousands of little things each day that you do remember to take care of! Anyway, would love to catch up soon. I'll try to email you! xoxo


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