Me Talk Pretty

Here we are, another step closer in the process of getting my 8th grader into a better high school in our area.  Tonight is the Family Interview and *gulp* I'm not nervous.  Nope.  Cool as a cucumber. *breathe*

I've never been through a process like this so I don't know what to expect.  Should I tell them that I will bring them fresh donuts every week if she gets in?  Donuts everyday?!  I will, really.  How about coffee?  Latte's?  Heck, I'll be their dry cleaning courier if they want.

What's making me more anxious about this process is that I now know my daughter wants to go to this school.  In the beginning I wasn't so sure because a majority of her friends in class are going to the local high school and that's all she talked about over the summer.  But feelings have changed, like I hoped they would, and she's ready for this new experience.

Oh man.  Interviews. I hope my brain works. Where's my Tension Tamer tea.  A xanax sounds good too


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