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Now that my girls are at the age of wanting access to the computer not only for playing interactive games, but for necessary school work as well, we have found that our dining room table has gone from a gathering place for eating our meals to a haven for laptops.  Dining room table for actual "dining"?  Not so much.  This space looks like it should be in an office, not a home. 

I've found some pretty nifty looking laptop storage units that would make me much happier for the placement of our laptops than our dining room table.  And if I accent them just right, perhaps they can look like a nice sidebar, or buffet table.  Some candle sticks, a little knickknack here and there, who knows.

I'm truly beginning to see the need for laptop carts in the home.  The first time I saw a laptop cart was in my husband office and it looked like a true piece of office equipment, but I think the manufacturing companies saw the need for home functioning carts and are making pieces with soft woods and rounded corners, more of a "homey" vibe.  What could be next?  Our dining room chairs just might become ergonomically designed ;->

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