Family Interview Done

So, we had the Family Interview last night and I think it went well.  Famous last words, right?  (slight back story here)  I didn't bribe them with cookies, donuts or latte's but I did answer enthusiastically when they asked how I felt about volunteering.  'Yes!', I said. 'I'm all about volunteering!  My husband and I have been very active in our children's school's since the beginning!'  *breathe Ann, breathe*

I think I might have said, 'Whatever you need.  I'm there to help.'  Did I actually say that?  I'm not entirely clear, my mind was becoming a blur at that point.  "Impress, Impress" kept going through my head.  I need to settle down.  I really want this to work out but I need to relax.

Her placement test is next week.  Which vitamin is it that increasing brain function? ;->

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