Don't Make Me Go In There

The garage.  No!  Please, don't make me go in there!

No matter how many efforts have been made to organize our little garage we manage to fill what ever vacant space we've created with piles of... well, "stuff".  I do believe the air of Spring Cleaning will be upon us soon and I'm hopeful that we can get that space in order.  (I just saw an episode of "The Amanda's" on Bravo so I'm inspired :-> )

I'm looking into some garage cabinets and steel storage cabinets.  What doesn't make it into the garage storage cabinet will most likely be placed in the steel cabinet in the back - isn't that how it goes?  I have an idea of placing work benches around the cabinet in the back yard to make it look like a more useful space than just a box to hold tools.  That's one idea anyway.

For the garage, I would love to see all of these interesting bits and pieces that keep acquiring on the, figuratively speaking, "work bench" be placed in a sleek looking cabinet.  I've seen enough episodes of Clean House to know cleaning up any space is possible, so our garage can't be a lost cause.  We just need Arrow spacemaker storage cabinets to make it so.  And we will.  Really.  *fingers crossed*  Now, where's that "Honey Do" list?

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