Write Someone A Letter

With the increasing use of the internet and e-mail we are always hearing of the plight of the US Postal Service.  That makes me sad.  I love mail, or snail mail - whatever you want to call it.  I love receiving a hand written letter or card.  And the sight of the little red flag on mailboxes always makes me hopeful.

I've seen a beautiful selection of mailboxes offered at Whitehall Mailboxes.  They carry a lovely collection of sizes, styles and price ranges.  They also use recycled materials which I feel is a wonderful bonus.  What kind of look am I going for?  Classic, regal, or charming?  Decisions, decisions.

I'm drawn to a wall mount design because we live on a somewhat busy street.  I know my tastes must sound tame by calling a monogrammed mailbox "flashy", but that's how I am.  It's all filigree and brassy and very pretty.  What I find incredibly necessary is the lockable insert.  In this day and age, it's just a fact of life.

If you're in the market to spruce up the exterior of your home, take a look at what's available at Whitehall products.  And put it to good use and write someone a letter.  You just might get one back.

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