Tiny Time

I remember preparing for my first child by reading all the books, the magazines and driving myself crazy.  When we were preparing for our second child I did what I could to create more peace in the house and looked for ways to make this experience somewhat easier.  Thank goodness someone told us about the joy of baby slings.

The first time around I wasn't as sold on the idea of "wearing" my baby.  For what ever reason I had the idea that I could place my baby in a bouncy seat and go about my business in the house.  I blame watching too many '50's style television shows.  Oh, does my little sweetie need a toy? Here you go my darling one.  Would you like a bottle?  Here, hold this while I put dishes in my new, shiny Whirlpool.  Oh my, oh my. It wasn't like that at all.

I caught on eventually and by the time our second baby arrived we had a baby hip carrier style that was great for me and my husband.  Seeing him walk around with our baby on his chest will go down as one of the most wonderful sights I have ever seen in my life.  The tiny time went by so fast.  *sniff*

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