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While trying to organize my girls room, I'm finding so many papers and cards and things that I think aren't that important lying around their desks and floor.  I've learned my lesson not to throw anything away without asking however, that little section in my brain marked "Neat Freak" is urging me to just chuck it all.

Instead, I've been trying to find creative ways to keep all their precious (for now) knickknacks.  Good thing I've lived in a tiny apartment in NYC because my mind goes back to organizing in tiny spaces.  Our girls share a room and part of our situation is trying to decorate one room that holds two different personalities, interests and colors. 

The quickest way to organize is to find a home for the papers and cards on a bulletin board.  I like the fabric kind.  What can add a level of sharpness are enclosed fabric bulletin boards.  It brings it up a notch in the sleekness, I think.  One daughter will like the fabric and I'm sure the other will like enclosed cork bulletin boards.  I don't really care, I just want them to decide what kind of enclosed bulletin boards they want and let's get their room in order.  Pah-leeze!

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