For Me, It's All About The Food

There's some kind of important football game coming up, right? 


I'm not the most avid football fan but what does excite me about the "Big Game" is the food.  I love dips.  I love chips.  I love chili and hot dogs and wings and... oh, I better slow down here.  The game isn't for a few weeks.  We will most likely have family and friends over and my husband will cook up batches of delicious food that will make every one happy while they cheer on their favorite team.  (I'll be with the food, thank you very much.)

Something we really need to look into are serving dishes for a group.  We do have parties through out the year and lots of little dishes cluttering the tables just isn't cutting it any more.  Hotel Supplies and Restaurant supply can be a great resource.  PeachSuite Hospitality Supply has some great deals for the Super Bowl.  I found a nice slow-cooker that would be perfect for my sister's fantastic Beans recipe.  My favorite!

PeachSuite also offers resort supplies and catering supplies which will, and I'm staying positive by saying "will", come in handy for my husband's business idea of sharing Chicago style hot dogs to those of us in the Pacific Northwest.  Dreams are good.  Pursuing them is better.

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