What's In A Name?

I think I should start naming our house.  My husband can blame it on all of the British movies I've been watching lately.  When I see beautiful address plaques with fancy fonts and titles I get inspired.

My street name is a bit difficult for most to pronounce.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest you aren't as stumped by a name that has a Native American vibe to it , however when I take care of business over the phone I enjoy listening to those from other coasts try to pronounce, 'Willamette'.

So let's see what I would like my house plaque to read... 'The Cottage of Harrison' perhaps?  Or maybe I could have different house plaques and change them out accordingly... 'Hormones Are Raging At Harrison House'.  Yep, that plaque would be used.  As well as, 'The Bungalow of Dirty Laundry on the Boulevard'.   All worthy ideas but perhaps I would be sharing too much.

Well, we'll see.  For now, I'll just stick with address numbers with pretty, little flowers on them.  I like to keep my visitors guessing.

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  1. haha!!! I love the Raging Hormone name! We have a camp in Tug Hill and we have a plaque with our camp's name engraved on it. Whenever people ask us our last name, we say, "Ditch, like a hole in the ground." So, our camp is named, "Camp Hole in the Ground."

    I think your house should be called, "If-You-Don't-Like-It-Feel-Free-To-Leave Estate." Wait...maybe I am thinking of my house! Good luck on a name!!


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