What Are They Up To?

My daughters have been very sweet regarding gifts this Christmas.  They aren't doing usual maneuvers like, leaving notes, or certain websites open to items that they would like to receive on Christmas morning, they have actually asked me what I would like for Christmas.  Wait... Wha'???  Did I really just hear them ask me what I would like to receive?  (The faint song of angels plays while I visualize the possibilities of the question.)

I've had my eye on things I could have in our yard that would attract birds for the winter season.  Our winter doesn't get completely frozen so we have visits from birds through out the season.  It's really lovely.  I would really enjoy a bird bath that looks like a lovely piece of sculpture and also proves to be a bird haven. Blomus Stainless has some beautiful designs.

I don't mind traditional looking bird feeders however, the designs on this site are truly like art and I know they would be a great conversation starter for our annual Spring Fling in May.  After looking around the site I see a sleek looking Blomus fireplace set and a gorgeous Blomus kitchen, however I don't believe Santa has that in the budget this year.  Who knows ;->

Perhaps this will be my New Years gift!

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