Virtual Girls Night Out - Controlled Chaos

I've planned 3 birthday parties for the month of December.  I'm on the eve of the first one for my newly minted 11 y/o old and her friends, so I really need to hang with my blog buddies and have a Virtual Girls Night Out with the "big girls" before I'm covered in pink and glitter and too much sugar.  Whoo Hoo!

Time For Some Tunes!

*I'm not going wild with this choice. Feeling a calm vibe from the impending full moon tomorrow night.*

Nick Drake "Pink Moon"

Technically the Pink Moon is in April so... I will most likely be playing this video again.  Love it so!!! :->

Time For A Cocktail!

Full Moon Number 2
Tilt a brandy snifter and pour in the amaretto. While still tilting, add grand marnier. Gently "roll" snifter in the tilted position, set upright, and serve.

Short and sweet.  How delightful.

Time For A Question!

How is your holiday season going so far?  My husband and I have by-passed the logical "family planning" part of the program and have 2 wonderful children, soon-to-be 14 y/o Katie and newly minted 11 y/o Lily, that have both been born in the month on December.  This is a fun month, let me tell ya' !!!  How are things for you this season?  Do you embrace the chill that falls around you and go for long walks while all bundled?  Do you visit special neighborhoods that decorate with a thousand lights while you're supplied with mugs of hot cocoa?  (And perhaps other yummy adult beverages? ;-> )  Do you partake in Christmas pageants at church, tearing up at the precious little one's and their sweet voices reciting sacred words?  Do tell.  I would love to know.

O.K. dear blog buddies, I hope you have a wonderful time at our Virtual Girls Night Out.  Thanks for helping me through my birthday party extravaganza!

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