The Power of Chocolate

If I want my girls to go anywhere with me it seems to involve a little bribery.  It's funny, there was a time when I couldn't wait until they were old enough to be left home alone, but now that that time is here I get a little lonely when I'm "out and about".

My oldest hates to go clothes shopping! I understand that I should accept that as a blessing, but there are certain items that I need her physical body to try on.  She can be plugged into her MP3 player and off in Linkin Park-land, I don't care, I just tell her I need her body over at the wool coats please??? 

I remember when I used to trace her feet on paper, then take that piece of paper shoe shopping.  I avoided a lot of *tsks* and heavy sighs of boredom, but I also had to make enough trips back to the store for returns that I've given up on that plan.

A shopping trip for "undergarments" is due.  (Does any woman really enjoy that shopping trip?)  I might need to pull out the big guns and offer a stop at her favorite candy store for some See's chocolate.  What ever gets the job done!

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