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Let's see, items that we least like to go shopping for:  Swimsuits.  Jeans.  Bras.  The first two you don't really have to buy, but a bra?  It's a necessity.  A job that is in my arsenal of "I can't believe I did that" was a bra fitter at J.C.Penney.  I did learn a lot of things with that experience.  One of them being, by the time women get much older we lose any issues with our bodies and don't mind walking around a fitting room with our boobies flopping about.  (I'll never forget the first time I learned that!  Or, the second. Or the third. Or...)

As our bodies age we're always looking to maintain "features".  Do we want them perkier?  Or, perhaps a smoother look in the back?  Or, just get them off of my waist line?!  I've been doing a lot more shopping for bras lately (due to the fact that my daughters are growing up) so I'm going to share something I found through a lovely, little resource known as Oprah. 

If you want to take a lot of embarrassment out of the brassiere shopping experience for your daughters, check out the website www.unbelievabra.com.  They give you clear instructions on measuring which is something not enough of us know how to do properly.  They offer the best bra we have found and the best body shaper.    When you make a purchase on-line any necessary exchanges are free.

So there is my little tip for the day.  I hope it helps!

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