How High Can I Go?

Now that I've bought for my loved ones on the "Nice" list, it's time to add myself to that list and pick out something extra special for me, like the Miz Mooz Bloom boot!

During my shopping/browsing this season I was noticing many women with their long boots.  I'm not sure how this look will go over on me because I've got thighs, and I mean thighs.  (Not that I could knock down a small child with them, but I'm sure I could jostle them a bit).  I think tucking jeans into my long boots will make my thighs look bigger.  But hey, I'll never know until I try it out!

I've been looking at boots from Infinityshoes.com.  The style "Miz Mooz Bloom" has caught my eye.  I'm 5'10" and don't walk that well in heels, so the little lift of 1.5" and a wedge heel seems fine. The Miz Mooz Siri is the same look only with a 3.5" wedge heel.  I know my center of gravity and this height would have me toppling over, for sure!  I admire women who can walk so gracefully in heels.  When I see Carrie Bradshaw running down a New York City street in her shiny shoes I get so envious.

My friend spotted the Miz Mooz Felicity which she could carry off with out a problem.  Alas, it is a 3" inch heel, and I believe we have established that I would, in fact, tip over.  But for it's clearance price I might give it a try ;->

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  1. I would tip over in those boots! Good time for a clearance price though


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