Free Way To Travel

Time to dream.

I have always wanted to travel out of the country but I haven't really been able to... yet.  So I placate myself by watching The Travel Channel (Samantha Brown has my dream job!) and by visiting real estate website's from countries I want to visit.

I've been day dreaming at Scottish Accommodation Index, scotac.com, lately.  I've found delightful apartments in Edinburgh that are within walking distance to Scottish Paliament and Holyrood Palace.  There seem to be many places available near Holyrood Palace so I should look that up and see what that's all about.

It's so easy to get caught up in my daydreams.  I can clearly see myself walking along a cobble stone street, all bundled and scarved, walking to the market to buy groceries.  And what a mysterious place the market must be!  As long as there are pictures on the products I would be fine.  But even with pictures, who knows?  And I wouldn't care, I would absolutely love discovering what's inside.

Some day, some day.  I keep telling myself traveling will happen.  And when it does, I know just where to stay!

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