California Dreamin'

There was a time when our finances were, well, different and Rob and I could take mini-vacations while our little one's stayed home with family.  It was a complete dream to me to visit the Napa Valley;  The sun, the blue sky, and the wineries.  Ah yes!  Some of the most beautiful properties I have ever seen in my life.

One of our favorite locations was the Niebaum-Coppola winery.  The grounds were beautiful and the house had the largest trellis I had ever seen holding up dark purple grapes.  Visiting that area of California has really had an effect on me and I've wanted to live in a chateau ever since ;->

I would like to have a beautiful gate greet me at my driveway and shrubs trimmed to look like elephants and bears.  (Oh, maybe not so much elephants and bears, perhaps your basic round topiary would be fine.)  A wall of my chateau would have a large garden trellis holding lovely roses.  And I believe trellises guiding climbing rosemary would be wonderful.

Ah!  To dream!  This is what gets me through the cold days and nights.  I like my dreams.

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