Timothy Hutton Was My Deal Breaker

I remember getting my first small locker in middle school.  I felt so grown-up, like I had so many important items that I just couldn't possibly carry them all so I had better place them in my very own secure spot.  Nice.  I had a shelf for my Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker and my Love's Baby Soft.  You know, the really important items. 

In High School a lot of serious thought went into who you would share your locker with.  Oh the drama if you picked one friend over the other!  Sharing a locker is the equivalent of "moving in together" so decorating proved to be a lesson in give-and-take.   I clearly remember needing to have a picture of Timothy Hutton on my locker door - circa 1980, "Ordinary People".  That was a deal breaker for me.  Take me, take my Timothy.  (He's currently filming the TNT series "Leverage" in my city of Portland, OR and oh how I wish I could find him and have him sign that same pic!)

Since I've recently found my diaries in the attic, all of the emotions of that young age are flooding back.  *gulp*  It's pretty funny.  And also very pathetic.  If only my current life were as simple as my youthful diary entries about lockers.

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