Some Cousin Bonding Over Broadway

Guest post written by Carolyn Black

I was really excited when I learned that my cousin Jennifer was going to be living just a few hours away from me. We were extremely close when we were growing up, but then we went our separate ways once we went off to college. It always made me sad because I wished that we had gone to college together. Now we're making up for lost time!

I planned a day trip to New York for us because we're not that far away from there anyway. When I was online looking up some attractions for us to go and see, I ran across the website Hearingaids.miracle-ear.com. After I Looked through them a little bit, I decided to go and get fitted with some hearing aids.

We decided to go and see the Broadway play War Horse while we were in the city. I'd heard so many great reviews of it so I thought it would be a great bet. And it was! I think my husband would have really enjoyed it actually. So I'll just have to take him to see the movie of it when it comes out later.

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