Guilty Pleasure

Yes, I admit it, I like to decompress by playing video games on-line.  I mean come on, it's fun!  My favorites are the story games.  I know that some people love word games but I like to download games where I'm in situations, trying to beat the clock with my awesome salon management skills or scouring the picture looking for hidden objects.

My daughters like to play games on-line as well.  They want to purchase every game they see, but I've found the best way to go about that situation is to download the free trial and, once the trial period is over see if they even remember how much they wanted to buy the game in the first place.  (I guess it could be called "The Whining Factor".)  Most of the time they forget about the game, then go on to something else.  Well played mom ;->

I'm sure there are more productive ways to decompress.  I could be cleaning the attic, organizing closets or working on those scrapbooks that are in dire need of updates.  But hey, we all have our guilty pleasures.

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