Did I Show My Girls An Unsuitable Video?

I know not all of my parenting choices are the best.  Whose are?  I guard things from my kids.  I don't feel the need to have them grow up too fast. I don't let them wear clothes that dip too far down (or ride too far up!).  When it comes to the movies I approve of I'm sure some parents, along with the groans I hear from my soon-to-14 year old's-friends, think I'm prudish.  Oh well.

So regarding my history of what I think is right or wrong for my 13 and 10 year old children, I know that not only allowing my children to watch this video, let alone being the one to introduce it to them, threw many for a loop.  I think the video is funny.  I don't see much harm.  But now I'm finding some parents don't agree and have called me out and said I've shown my girls something "unsuitable".  Hmmm.

Not that anything can be undone, but I'm wondering, what do you think?

LMFAO "Sexy And I Know It"

Are my girls scarred for life??? ;->

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  1. They may be traumatized by his hair and that speedo, but otherwise it's pretty funny.

  2. I'm going with "funny". Also must add in "teaching Moment". Maybe if this had been out say a year ago? some people wouldn't be getting in trouble for doing similar things in locations they shouldn't"?" it's a "this is rediculous, everyone is laughing at them, don't do this" kind of thing. :)


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