Have we done something to anger Transmission Gods? 

2 summers ago we had a car repair nightmare - on vacation 200 miles from home and the transmission went out on Robs Isuzu. (Beginning of story is shared here.)

3 months ago our trusty (meaning "old") family van made its last outing with us when the transmission repair cost was more than the cars worth, so in for a trade it went.  (The girls are still not forgiving us for this.  They hate change.)

Now today, or better yet a couple of weeks ago, our new-to-us 2002 Honda Odyssey starts having trouble shifting into second gear.  Yesterday lights even came on and off to the side of the road we went, searching through the manual to see what it all meant.  Which was our way of delaying what we already knew, this thing needs to go the mechanic and will cost us what we don't have.

It's just so crappy.  I don't understand. 


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  1. I hate when stuff like this happens before the holidays, so not fair! (hug)


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