Can You Hear Me Now?

I think I speak clearly.  Not always, but for the most part I can enunciate with the best of 'em. ;->

My latest irritation is when I'm having a converstaion with my girls and they don't hear my words correctly.  Some examples:

13 yrs. old:   "Huh? A standrich?" 'No', I reply, 'I asked if you wanted a sand-wich.'

10 yrs. old:  "What's a plumpkin blatch?"  'I said, we're going to the Pumpkin Patch!'

What the hell?

This has been going on a while, and I've had their hearing checked so I know that parts o.k.  I guess they've just found (another) way to irritate mom.  Lucky me

13 yrs. old:  "Why would I go punch my teeth?"  'BRUSH!  Brush your teeth!'

Oh for God's sake

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  1. Oh, they have clearly announced "Game on" with you and...um...errrr...they are winning. =)

  2. my 10yrold does this with Everything and everyone!!!
    Go to School... "What's School?" ugh!


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