Did I Lie To My Child?

Me:  'Would you like a smoothie?'

10 y/o: "Yes"

(Upon receiving smoothie)

10 y/o:  "Is there tofu in it?"

Me:  'Now why would I do that when you say you don't like tofu?  I wouldn't give you something that's bad for you.  Just have some sips and tell me if you like it.'

10 y/o:  "It's good. But is there tofu in it?"

Do you think I would fess up to adding tofu?  No.  Did I lie to my child?  Not exactly, I just didn't answer.  Did she drink the smoothie that was much healthier by having added the tofu rather than just sipping natural fruit sugars and natural fiber?  Yes.

Now, the question is, should I tell her about the tofu, or not?

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  1. Yes. Tell her when she has kids of her own :)

  2. I like that answer - tell her in a long while from now!!! LOL!


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