Ninja Dog

Just when I think I've got this "dog ownership" thing down - it's been 5 years - Benny reminds me he's a sly, not-so-little guy.

Our town was going through a bit of a heat wave and before I took my kids to the neighborhood pool I thought I'd prepare some corn on the cob and get a zucchini from the garden for dinner later.  My husband loves to cook so my part is mostly Sous-chef.  That's fine with me :->

After the corn was shucked and the zucchini prepared I caught up with my kids into the heat of the evening to lounge in the warm shade.  When Rob got home he called to say he started up the grill for the ribs.  Great, I said, I can smell dinner from here.  Then he added, "OK.  I see you only wanted 1 corn on the cob?  Is that just for me?"  'No', I said 'I bought 4 ear of corn, they're on the cutting board, along with a zucchini.'  Then I hear "Um... Uh huh. Oh... I gotta go". 

That damn dog!

Just when I think I've baby proofed, er, I mean dog proofed the kitchen Benny let's me know that he's like a Ninja, so sly, always watching, waiting for his moment to pounce. 

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