30 Days About Me: Day 9 - Something That Makes Your Life Easier

Here we go with "catch-up" again.

~~~ Day 9: Something That Makes Your Life Easier~~~

My first impulse was to mention an appliance, or some kind of machine.  (Let's say, when my car is working!  That's pretty great!).  However, I'm going in a different direction with my answer and I'm going to say something that makes my life easier is my husband, Rob.

I am so grateful that I am not in the job of Parenthood alone and I am not in this land of Holy Matrimony alone, either.  Rob is involved, attentive and available.  Talking isn't his strong suit (I'm writing this as if he's reading it so none of this is a surprise ;-> ), but he will listen, he will cooperate and he will help.  Having Rob in my life makes my life easier.

~~~ Day 10:  Then & Now~~~

Let's see... I'm at a loss because my current laptop only has pics from 1999 to current.  Here's a pic when my house was pink (my 10 y/o still wishes it was) and my oldest was two:

The trees have grown up and out a lot since then (kind of like me - wait not up, just out... hey! I'm workin' on it!).  For the now:

Here's a fuzzy picture of me while on vacation 2 weeks ago, doing a group "Cheers" with our S'Mores.  And that little head from the picture up above?  That's the tall 13 y/o in the middle of this picture :->;

And that brings us to

~~~ Day 11: Favorite Artist or Band~~~

It's U2.

The first (and only) time I've seen this group was in the very beginning when they were on tour for the War album in 1983.  (Were some of you even born yet??).  It was in a small-ish venue (by their current standards) in Portland, OR  and Bono was climbing up the walls, literally.  It wasn't even my choice to go, but my friends wanted to go, and I liked a boy that was going... and so on and so on and so on.

When music affects you, there's no mistaking that feeling.  You think 'Finally, THIS is what I want to hear.' You soar. You dance. You dream.  You feel happy or sad, or both.  It's the best.

So there we are, all caught up for 30 Days About Me... Join us over at "A Daily Dose of Toni"

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  1. I have to go back and read this again, I've been VGNO ing tonight and so I'm going to stop the Drinking part of the evening and go back and read...
    OK with a clearer mind... haha.
    WOW you look so young next to your pink house. AWESOME!
    I too have an easier life with my hubbie. I'd be lost without him. Tonight he's entertaining 3 boys while I slack the night away. aWWWW! It's hard not to get sappy.
    Happy Friday Ann! :)

  2. BTW me again, U2 played here in this province, (while I was on the island) on the 30th. Just saying.

  3. That's cool that you showed yourself and someone else from 10 years ago and now. And...s'mores are yummy :)

  4. Sometimes I wish I had someone to share the parenting with me, it is exhausting some days!

    Great pics! A pink house? How cool!

    Mom on Caffeine


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