30 Days About Me: Day 8 - Something You Hate

Oh my goodness gracious.  The writing prompt from A Daily Dose of Toni's "30 Days About Me..." is

~~~Something You Hate~~~

Well, this could be very interesting, couldn't it?  I could be political.  I could be brutally honest regarding a relationship.  But, well, you know me.  It's pretty darn rare I'm that raw with my feelings so... let's say something I hate is...

Popsicle sticks.  Or, to be clear, my teeth on popsicle sticks.  Also, those wooden "spoons" they give you with plastic cups of ice cream.  Oh-My-Gawd I hate them!!! I hate the way they feel on my teeth!  I hate the way they smell.  I swear I can't breathe.  (I'm having an anxiety attack right now just thinking about it.)

OK.  *deep breath*  All better.

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  1. I hate them too. I would totally gag if a doctor put a wooden tongue depressor in my mouth when I was a kid, and I won't eat the ice cream all the way down to the stick! Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. They are pretty bad. I hate the way they smell and taste!

  3. Ice cream touching my cake and eating ice cream with a fork because people at parties can't supply spoons as well!!

  4. I hate the taste of the wooden tongue depressor!

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