30 Days About Me: Day 1

Alright, it's Day 1 of 30 Days About Me... from the lovely and talented Toni at "A Daily Dose of Toni".  What's today's writing prompt?

~~~Day 1:  Favorite Song~~~

Hmmm... just one?  Am I the odd one out here not having just one favorite song?  I don't think so.  Even Toni herself made a fantastic list of favorites (the little cheater ;-> ).  Here's what I'm gonna do, there is a song I heard for the first time in the early 90's, back in the New Age Music hey-day, that is still music that sends my spirit soaring.  (No, it's not Enya!)  Have a listen and feel where it takes you.

William Ackerman "Ventana"

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  1. I think almost all of us had a hard time picking one song. :-)



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