It Builds Character, Right?

I'm having breakfast with a family of deer and my new best friend, a hummingbird.

My family and I are incredibly lucky to be spending time at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon.  It's a happy place for me, even if we've had some difficult times here.  Let's see there was:

~ That time my doctor at home didn't catch a condition in time that only got worse once I made it out here, leading me to the Emergency Room in Redmond, OR for care.

~That time I tried to relive my early teen years and skateboarded with my oldest, only to get too sure of myself when I did my version of a Tony Hawk dismount and landed hard on my rear and left hand... which lead to a painful night and a morning trip to the ER with a slight fracture of my left wrist.

~ That time, last summer to be exact, that we finally got it through our heads that no matter how much planning you put into your trip, something will come along and *&#$! it up.  Our cars transmission blew up 200 miles away from home which pushed our generous family resources (and our financial credit) to its limit.
It's funny how you can have this unwavering sense of 'Don't worry, everything will be all alright' all of your life, then... it leaves you... and it's the saddest feeling you've ever experienced.

But here we are!  A year later in beautiful Central Oregon with a new transmission and an extended credit limit. 

What, Me Worry? ;->

(I can never thank my family enough for all they did last summer to help us.  What an adventure!)

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