Interesting And Wonderful Family Vacation

In October I wrote about my dad's wife (not my mother) passing away unexpectedly.  It's been something that has not only rocked his world, but the lives of the family he had left behind oh-so-many years ago.  We are learning about each other.  We are learning about ourselves.  We are finding our own level of how to, again, be a "family".  It's been fantastic. 

So much has happened in 9 months.  And I know so much more will happen.  I'm ready.  (I think).

My dad wants to get to know his family, his granddaughters.  We planned a little family vacation and had the most interesting, and intense, vacation at Great Wolf Lodge.  Just incredible!

It's quite a journey we're on. 

Thank you dear sister for taking such wonderful pictures ;->

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  1. You are so welcome. What an amazing journey we are on. It's our strength and love for each other that has held us together in our past trials and the future. Excited to find out what is in store.


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