With Age Comes No Wisdom

As the grass grows waist high at the vacant home across the street, the neighborhood keeps an eye out for anyone that might take advantage of this scenario.  So imagine my surprise when I see 2 familiar looking boys lurking around one of its doors, fiddling with the security lock.

I called to my 13 yrs. old daughter to come check out the kids, to see if they were who I thought they were, and she confirmed they were her classmates.  Let the mischief of Summer 2011 begin!

I yelled at them to come over to me and they did.  (Thank goodness they still have some minute fear of adults instead of swearing at me and running away.)  When they were standing in front of me all I could say was, 'What are you thinking?!' I received the classic, "Wha' ?  Wha' ?" along with their puppy dog eyes.

One of the boys has a history of being in trouble in school.  And, unfortunately, the other boy has been friends with my daughter for years, however this past year he's had trouble at home and seems to be heading down a very negative path.  He's been to our home recently just to have a place to be.  My husband and I have told him over and over that we are available if he needs to talk.  We're trying to keep him from doing things like, oh I don't know, breaking into houses!

I told the boys that what they were doing is serious and that they need to make better choices.  When my speech was over they started walking down the street.  I noticed my daughters friend had a handful of Sharpies.  I called him back and asked what they were for and didn't get a straight answer.  I took the boys face in my hands and said, 'I'm going to trust you with these.  But if I find anything marked in any way in our neighborhood I'll know it was you and that would mean trouble for you. Don't disappoint me.  It would break my heart.  Please make good choices.'

He was very sweet, I believed him when he said he wasn't going to mark anything.  He wanted to shake on it.  Cute.  I shook his hand.  And off he went with his little friend the delinquent.

When I went back in the house I told my girls about the handful of Sharpie's and that I was worried they might graffiti the neighborhood.  My oldest said, "No.  They aren't going to mark anything.  They're probably going to sniff them.  I've seen them do it."

Oh for God's sake.

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  1. Well, he did promise not to mark anything with the markers and he wasn't lying. Too bad he was going to do something even worse with them.

  2. I just read this as I got a text from my niece telling me her sister wants her to do shrooms with her. I want to scream and puke at the same time! Were we this stupid when we were kids? I don't think I was but maybe I just don't remember.


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