Virtual Girls Night Out - Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project Is BACK!

I know that some of you have kids that are out of school for the summer already.  My kids still have 2 weeks to go.  That's fine with me, I'm not ready to be "Julie, The Cruise Director/Party Planner" yet.  So let's get our Virtual Girls Night Out going!  (And guess what???  Notice the bottom of this post to see that the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project is back!)

*The VGNO blog-hop is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Add your blog link to the link-up below, get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, visit those that have left their blog link and have fun! Happy VGNO!*

Time For Some Tunes!

Kim Richey "Jack and Jill"

"She wore that dress like it was a Saturday..."

Time For A Cocktail!

A Saturday Afternoon
Ingredients:1 oz banana liqueur
2 oz Malibu® coconut rum
1 oz gold rum
1 splash grenadine syrup
3 oz orange juice
4 - 6 oz ginger ale
1 slice orange
Add all ingredients except the ginger ale and stir. Fill with ginger ale. Garnish with orange slice.

Sounds like a wonderful drink for a June afternoon.  Cheers! :->

Time For The Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project - Part 3!


Can you believe the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project was started 2 years ago?  Wow.  I can't.  We've had two of our "little gems" lost along the way.  (Probably the same place matching socks in the dryer vanish to, I don't know.)  Since blog pal interest is still strong, I'm going to start the blog project, "Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project" yet again!  There are 24 stops so far :->  For those that don't know what it's all about (or for those that are on the list but need a refresher) here's the idea:

While on the Oregon Coast I found this "little gem" and decided I didn't want its journey to end. 'Why not' I thought 'share this symbol with my blog pals?' So, here we are! Want to take part in this blog-hopping photo project?  Here's what you do:

*E-mail your name & address to annharrison@comcast.net. I will add your destination to the list. Once you receive the little heart-shaped gem...

*Take a picture of it with something that represents you; it could be an object, a place, whatever you like.

*Then... post the picture on your blog; let your readers know you are participating in The Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project.

*Let me know when you receive our little gem; I'll send you the name & address of the next blogger to mail the rock to.

*At the end of it's journey I'll create a slideshow of your pics.

I know that some bloggers plan on sending the "gem" on it's way along with a little trinket/souvenir for the next blogger. I love it! Do what feels right, just have fun. And, don't forget, take pics and post 'em.  I'll be sharing your pics on my blog as well.  You will be the T.H.S.R.P. Spotlight Blogger! At the end of its journey I'll create a slideshow of our pics reminiscing about its travels (and wishing it had been me :-> ).  On and on it goes! (I hope :-> ).

Alright blog pals, have fun at our Virtual Girls Night Out! If you like, leave your blog link if you like and we'll visit your blog and say, "Happy VGNO!"


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