No More Playhouse Disney

When looking through your child's end-of-school-year papers and yearbooks you wouldn't be surprised to find that her contribution to the "Poetry Jam" project was titled "The End".  Ah... so poetic, so romantic, so 13 years old.  Then you read the poem and it involves black smoke... and a knife... and blood. 


You double check that the name on the paper is indeed your child's and not the brooding boy that talks of bombs and death on every field trip.  Yes.  It's your child's name.

This was so-o-o-o not on my radar.  Where's the poem about missing her teachers and growing up, passing on to the next grade?  Where's the poem regarding the pain and devastation of not being able to see her secret crush every day through peek-holes in her binder?

Black smoke?  Knife?  Blood?!? 

I miss days of Dora the Explorer.

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  1. It's a phase. Trust me. Next will come black clothing and black eyeliner and nail polish. This, too shall pass. By high school graduation, you should have a delightful 18 year old who might actually miss when she goes away to college!

  2. Well, according to Joanie, who has been there done that, I am in the NEXT phase. Black clothes, eyeliner, nail polish and dark moods! I would love to spend just one day with the 10 yr old Tara who I could be silly with! I stalk her twitter account, and the things I read... I am not always pleased with, but I monitor silently keeping a close eye. If I tell her I stalk her, she will change the password, so this way at least I can see what is happening. I look for opportunities (which are FEW) to look through her texts. For the most part it is just language and subject matter that I don't totally approve of, but I guess that is part of the teen age thing...but nothing that I really have to worry about her well being.
    I can't even share a picture of Tara in her black attire, as photographing her has also become taboo!


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